Gravity-based sliding block puzzle

Slam is a sliding-block puzzle game set in a 3D environment. Players use barrels, magnets, laser walls, buttons and teleporters to try and solve levels by getting all energy sources into a goal.

Each level has a "perfect" solution, and users gain from 1 to 3 stars when they finish a level - 3 stars for perfect, 2 for a reasonable attempt, and 1 star for finishing no matter how many moves you made. Level solutions range from 2 to over 30 moves for their perfect solutions, and the difficulty of puzzles steadily ramps up throughout the game.

There's also optional VR support for the HTC Vive, with the one executable providing both controller-enabled, VR-enabled, and touch-enabled interfaces.

As of the final release on 11th July 2016, the game has 52 levels.